Comic 938 - 29 - Shā Fēng

28th Apr 2015, 4:01 PM in lirvilas
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29 - Shā Fēng
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Author Notes:

28th Apr 2015, 4:01 PM
Called on by Chinese allies Malaysia and Singapore in response to the Strait of Malacca Incident, Shā Fēng is dispatched by the Central Committee to bring justice to the terrorist Macdonald. With his superb kung fu and incredible self-induced adrenaline surges, he is said to be strong enough to flip cars, punch men through walls, and shrug off bullets.

Maybe it’s just rumor, maybe it’s the truth: Superman exists and he is Chinese.


28th Apr 2015, 4:38 PM
Nice nod to Moore there...

I'm really starting to wonder how "Mr. Teflon", Eric Macdonald, is going to evade all of these foes... unless, of course, they're all tripping over each other to get to him (or he finds occasional help from a friend - i.e., one of the few people on planet Earth NOT out to get Eric, apparently).
28th Apr 2015, 5:27 PM
A few reasons why Eric is successfully on the lam:

1) Some of the stuff referenced hasn't happened yet.

2) There's a fair amount of that "tripping" going on.

3) "The enemy of my enemy..."

4) He's fighting a publicly traded company. Read up on stock shorting.