Comic 929 - Day 27: Fracture

28th Apr 2015, 1:40 AM in Spelledeg
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Day 27: Fracture
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Author Notes:

28th Apr 2015, 1:40 AM
I would pronounce this color nymph's name if my synesthesia was present enough for all colors to have a sound, unfortunately only some shades of orange, red and yellow do that and their name isn't any of those. So we'll call her Fracture, since that's what she did.

Vimal's tantrum was loud enough to alert an adult, but not the one either Elisedd or Vimal had been looking for. In the form as close to humans as she was capable, she spoke red. The entire area was so because of it. However, just like Flossie couldn't see her, Fracture couldn't see Flossie either. She was in too low a range right now. There was a stalemate. Nabuch could see that, Vimal was shouting obscenities at the newcomer, Elisedd seemed too stunned by the arrival, Athanas was helping Rod...Vapid was trying to get something from Amaryllis, but she'd have none of it.

In a moment of madness Nabuch grabbed Flossie's arm, a human form had advantages, and truthfully he never figured out the speech thing all that well. Flossie looked at him in shock, she remembered way back, there was a certain feel to color on skin. She'd done it before with an old invention. But at that time all she was searching for was a fast way to get ink on paper, to make color appear on things. Who'd have thunk a dimensional rift would show up? It was shortly after that when colors were much less vibrant, as if something had blinded her to the full array. Fracture was still trying to address Flossie's colors. Vimal was an angry child, Elisedd just slightly older, Nabuch and Vapid were younger yet.

Nabuch shooshed Flossie when she tried to explain this device that this all reminded her of, he put his hands over her eyes and pulled away, leaving a trail of sweet blue, a bitter black and warm pink with sour patches. With that bit of color given, she could certainly see Fracture...but maybe it was better that she didn't because she freaked out big time. That small amount of color put Flossie in Fracture's range of sight. Nabuch directed the conversation, if it could be called that. It was a mixture of red hums and bright violet wooshes. Then, Nabuch got to ask his own questions, in a combination of color and sound. "Who is Brenda? Where is she?"
Flossie described the friendly lady to help everyone find what was lost, but that it was bitter irony that she was lost now. Fracture instead described a dark, deep red into black, with small pieces of bright white and violet hues.
It turns out, the color frequency equivalent to Brenda is strikingly similar to the color of their Mother.


28th Apr 2015, 1:49 AM
Wow, Spell... A tale expertly woven, one character at a time. And we have a little bit to go.

So. Awesome.

And this design is cool as heck! :)
28th Apr 2015, 2:10 AM
Thank you, man! It's been a trip.(I accidentally got a new alien out of it, just have to find a better name than color nymph) I'm really glad you like it. :DD

We still have to find out who this Mother is, too. 2ish more days. And probably more shiny things. This is the only one I haven't used a random color palette or name for so far.
28th Apr 2015, 2:11 AM
Yeah, that's some Neon Genesis Evangelion stuff you've got going on!

Very nice!
28th Apr 2015, 2:14 AM
Oh man, the Evas and Angels. Those things had such neat designs. So much weird fleshy bio greatness with robot vibes and all the other things involved. <3

Thank you, Lir!
28th Apr 2015, 12:22 PM
Clanjack Farlo
This is too cool. I love the designs you've made, particularly Elisedd and this one. :D
The background effects are mighty cool, too, they work very well together with the foreground.