Comic 887 - 21-Marthei

21st Apr 2015, 6:45 AM in xianyu118
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Author Notes:

21st Apr 2015, 6:45 AM
Xian Yu
Marthei is a citizen of a small principality of great spiritual importance to the Krish family, Eorde. It is small, but quite agile in terms of political power, as it knows itself to be a great chess piece. Any invasion of Eorde from the Desert countries will have strong reprecussions from the combined might of the Shinoaen-Stromburst-Torrenarian armies

It has no true military, and relies on the defense provided by the Shinoaens and the Torrenarians, and it is officially neutral. As such, it can function as a meeting place for any disputes between any country.

Eordeans tend to dress in a style rarely seen elsewhere, as a way to accent their status. Idres Krishane has adopted a few of its characteristics.

(Also someone mentioned that I needed to draw more characters with long hair so are you satisfied now etharzie)