Comic 885 - Day 20- 'Beauty'

20th Apr 2015, 4:45 PM in JammyTheWerewolf
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Day 20- 'Beauty'
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Author Notes:

20th Apr 2015, 4:45 PM
Continued from the last 4 days.

The group continue to attempt to delay the chaos, but it only seems to be encroaching further. Up, Down and Charm continue to remember things from their past lives; a place, the smell of summer air, people. Strange however remains as incomprehensable as ever. One 'day' as they fall asleep, they find themselves in a place which seems to run not on science, but on magic. The dreamworld. Somehow, it seems incredibly familiar, almost like, well, a forgotten dream. There they find a guy who has been trapped there and has been desperately trying to escape to share vital information on their situation. They help free him, and the world seemingly crumbles as they awaken. He introduces himself as 'Beauty'. It's an embarrasing name, but the only one he could think of.

It is through him, they realise they appear in this world as they see themselves. Beauty had always been colourblind before losing his sight completely as a teenager, and appears almost completely monochrome. Yes, he is aware of the irony of his name. He is also a psychic, and believes the key to overcoming the chaos is not to fight it, but to work with it to maintain some kind of balance. Somewhere along the line, somebody makes a leap of conciousness. What if the chaos is not a state or a force, but a thing possessing a degree of sentience?

Down suggests the reason the universe is becoming consumed is because they are there. They are from the year 20XX after all, (they remember) and this certainly isn't. Perhaps once the paradox is resolved, things will return to normal. They decide to find the source of the chaos and do whatever it takes to return to their own time, be that through fighting, logic or communication.