Comic 871 - Day 18: Wetzel

18th Apr 2015, 8:19 PM in Spelledeg
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Day 18: Wetzel
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Author Notes:

18th Apr 2015, 8:19 PM
Wetzel's mom runs the bird garden on Lemon Street. the bird garden is a weird mix of bird sanctuary and tea room, Wetzel's been around birds all his life. And they quite like him. He's a friend of Eva's, he can't see the nymphs, but a few of the birds have started changing colors. He likes tea, birds and cookies. Nasu and Vancre have been visiting the garden a lot recently.


18th Apr 2015, 8:35 PM
Nice "kids during the summer" tan lines on this design.

"Bird Garden"? I think I saw one of those in a John Woo movie...
18th Apr 2015, 8:47 PM
I had a very strong desire to not draw a shirt, and it was nice today! Good day to draw tan lines. :D

I've been to a bird garden before, but it wasn't in combo with a tea room. They're fun. :) (I've never seen any John Woo movies)
18th Apr 2015, 9:37 PM
Great design, Spell. And for clarity on lir's reference, see "Hard Boiled". It's a GREAT film.