Comic 860 - Day 17- 'Down'

17th Apr 2015, 5:51 AM in JammyTheWerewolf
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Day 17- 'Down'
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Author Notes:

17th Apr 2015, 5:51 AM
Continued from day 16.

After descending the stairs, everything suddenly becomes very still and quiet. Very faintly, Up can hear someone's voice, almost like they're trying to contact her. After it fades, she keeps exploring.

The place she's in now is covered in sticky notes with random things written on them. There are corridors sprawling all over the place and entire rooms filled with green glowing numbers and small snippets of text. She turns down another corridor as a door is flung wide open and she's almost knocked over by an extremely frantic looking young man- being chased by a huge green dog thing. (Cynophobia, yes I decided to incorporate him in this)

up picks up her bunsen burner and other science things, and fights the dog. After defeating it, the two of them trap it inside a conveniently located zoo room and introduce themselves. Miraculously, despite coming from completely opposite sides of the world with no common language, they understand each other perfectly.

The boy introduces himself as Down, seemingly unable to remember his real name either. He also reveals he has control over electricity, which annoys up. That really could have been useful about five seconds ago.

In any case, they continue to the final level of the place, which is very dark and rather scary looking. There's all kinds of weird stuff here. They meet a zombie cat, who's body appears to be encased in some kind of box who acts as their guide and they finally make it outside. Once outside, they can see the building was actually some kind of giant brain with windows placed here and there like an odd impression of an office building. The scenery around them is equally strange; hands reaching up from the ground, objects colours they really shouldn't be, and portals. The cat leads them to one that leads to 'the realm of probability...'

To be continued.