Comic 859 - Day 16: Jördis

17th Apr 2015, 2:32 AM in Spelledeg
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Day 16: Jördis
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Author Notes:

17th Apr 2015, 2:32 AM
Jördis, like Eva and Wulf, can't seem to get away from the color nymphs. They are particularly attracted to her though, her bag changes colors at least three times a day. She just transfered over from the next town over to go to Hossville's high school. As of late, she's begun hanging around Nasu and they've hit it off. Vapid's been very interested in this development.


17th Apr 2015, 2:51 AM
Those are some neat effects coming off her bag! What's the software/technique?
17th Apr 2015, 10:14 AM
Thanks! It's really lazy, but it actually worked out this time. I made a squiggly line and applied the PS filter 'ripple' on large at 100%, then used liquify to bend it into the shape I wanted and made the ridges go with the flow of it. And uh, then just scribbling on top of the squiggly thing and a gradient. :')
17th Apr 2015, 3:02 AM
GREAT design. And I second lirvilas, those ARE neat effects. We MUST know your secret!

(If you want to keep it secret, I'll have to spend precious time reverse engineering in GIMP...) :)
17th Apr 2015, 10:16 AM
Thank you! And believe it or not, this does answer yesterday's question of 'What happened to Brenda?'. It's all in the colors. (The secret is messing around. That's my whole effects secret. I BS until I find something that looks remotely like what I think I might want and then screw around. Also gradients and scribbles)

(It's a secret forever)
17th Apr 2015, 4:05 PM
Tis one is my new fave of yours, Spell! <3
21st Apr 2015, 5:15 PM
Cool design! Also, love those effects!