Comic 841 - Day 14: Kezia

14th Apr 2015, 8:27 PM in Spelledeg
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Day 14: Kezia
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Author Notes:

14th Apr 2015, 8:27 PM
Kezia is Dorris' mother, she's in town visiting after hearing about the break-in attempt courtesy of Wulfsiege. She used to live in Hossville herself before getting married and she noticed something a bit eerie. Brenda hasn't aged a day since she was last in Hossville, almost twenty years ago. Brenda herself denies this, it's a silly thing afterall. She just ages very well, right? Just in the first week of her visit, there were two other missing persons reports put out. Things only seem sane near Lemon Street. Thankfully, Maurus and Dorris' home is on this street. With the two additional missing persons, Wulf was released from custody, Kezia gave him a stern talking to and they got coffee to clear the air. She thinks he onto something, as strangely colored as he is.


15th Apr 2015, 12:49 PM
The lines become clearer.

I LOVE the diversity of your characters, Spell. I have yet to introduce disabled people, and this makes at least two. Go, Spell, Go!
15th Apr 2015, 9:23 PM
Well, maybe? The entire town might go missing if it keeps up. Brenda is a weird bird though. No doubts about that.

Thank you! I just like drawing a bunch of different people. These guys are a bit random though, I kind of swirgle until I have a shape that looks like something and then go with it. I spend as little time as possible on these(like an hour tops) so whatever pops out is what pops out. Yesterday was a good day to draw a wheelchair. :) (the squiggle looked like a wheelchair)