Comic 805 - ShastaB24 character 5 - Corkscrew

12th Apr 2015, 9:05 PM in shastab
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ShastaB24 character 5 - Corkscrew
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Author Notes:

12th Apr 2015, 9:05 PM
Catch-up #5: Corkscrew was one of the supervillains I created when I was in fifth grade, inspired by Hammerhead of Spider-Man's rogues gallery. I never had any real idea for who he was, though, so this is a complete redesign (well, okay, the other one also had a corkscrew on his head). He now has the ability to spin at high speeds from any joint (rather than somebody that flies spinning through the air like he did at first), an ability he uses to burrow through the ground and break into buildings from below. The corkscrew on his head is for breaking into vaults. He has spikes in a lot of places for maximum efficiency in a fight, and a costume broken in the places he's most likely to spin from.

Okay, I admit, he's an odd one, but that can be fun.