Comic 770 - Day 8: Anaya

10th Apr 2015, 12:49 AM in Spelledeg
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Day 8: Anaya
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Author Notes:

10th Apr 2015, 12:49 AM
Brenda isn't the only one who likes finding lost people, but Anaya finds lost people, and they usually stay lost when she's done. She works in the pottery store downtown and usually keeps to herself, but on her nightly walk she's been watching and finding odd colorful blobs. One day she stuck one in a mound of clay at the shop and made a pot with it, it had colors like nothing else she'd seen. Ever since, she's been looking for these 'living colors'...and now people are starting to look the same as the living colors.


10th Apr 2015, 12:57 AM
"...and now people are starting to look the same as the living colors."

That is what I like to call "ominous".
10th Apr 2015, 12:59 AM
Anaya is pretty ominous all around, except on Tuesdays, she leaves town on Tuesdays. Both the nymphs and people are safe then.
10th Apr 2015, 1:45 AM
Whoa... Dang, Spell, I want to read a comic about these people (as well as INTS: Black Gate), but I don't want to run you ragged... Gah!
10th Apr 2015, 5:48 PM
Thank you, Prof, I'm glad you think they've been an intresting bunch so far! I would like to tell their story, so it will happen at some point, but I have a few other stories I've been wanting to tell ahead of Lemon Street/whatever this ends up getting called. Ihave no doubts that they'll cameo in Three & 1/2 Sages though. :)