Comic 725 - Day 03: Starth

6th Apr 2015, 11:48 AM in Clanjack Farlo
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Day 03: Starth
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Author Notes:

6th Apr 2015, 11:48 AM
Clanjack Farlo
Sorry I missed so many days, I have been hooking up a newer, larger scanner to my computer and haven't been able to scan anything in during that time. To compensate, I am posting four images now.

This is a Starth; their king, to be exact. They are a primal subspecies of Kha'Ul (from The Nine Aspects) with malformed bodies that are overly muscular and top-heavy, four arms, and no eyes. They navigate using sound and heat-sensing organs where their eyes would be.
This particular specimen is larger, more muscular, and has a smaller mouth than the normal Starth, and is more intelligent and capable of more regarding speech than his lesser brethren.

I did this one at midnight yesterday, don't judge me. ;_;
The Starth are likely to appear in The Nine Aspects in the future.