Comic 429 - First Day

2nd Apr 2014, 3:23 AM in 2014
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First Day
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Author Notes:

2nd Apr 2014, 3:23 AM
.....just kinda started doodling as a warm up and I remembered this was a thing so here's my first character.

I like hoods and big, wide sleeves. I kinda was thinking of some kind of desert culture while refining the design so I hope that comes across. Also I think these colors work well together (I'm not sure why I made the lineart green instead of black...).

....Idk it's late and I should've been working on other thing instead :P
2nd Apr 2014, 11:35 AM
Ok, thought of a bit of back story for this character that could work in my comic's world.

I left the character androgynous on purpose. Their name is Apu and they're from a vast desert to the East, across the ocean. Apu's family is part of a tribe of beings called Walkers, so called for their ability to walk through the desert without getting lost. Some have sand-magic, some don't. The Walkers are known for their advanced natural healing techniques and bone arrowheads. Many are farmers or raise animals, and nothing is wasted. Apu in particular is a bone carver, taking the cleaned bones from the animals slaughtered for food and making them into jewelry or weapons. Bone arrowheads are the most common weapon and the most exported item, but daggers and cutlery are also sculpted from bone.


2nd Apr 2014, 9:06 AM
Wow! Great, original design! I am falling in love with the colors too. Orange, black and white combo always look so nice.

Very nicely drawn also! :D
2nd Apr 2014, 9:41 AM
Thanks Alicia! The hoodie-thing must be inconvenient when running though, the way it loops down around the front of the legs..
2nd Apr 2014, 10:06 AM
Very beautiful and original! I love the colors! ^^
2nd Apr 2014, 11:28 AM
Thank you!
2nd Apr 2014, 4:50 PM
So adorable! I just want to cuddle with her! X3
2nd Apr 2014, 6:08 PM
Alright, but don't be shocked if she actually turns out to be a he ;D
3rd Apr 2014, 1:49 PM
the rouge humingbird
I love this. the outfit concept is very cool