Comic 421 - 01-Mantis

1st Apr 2014, 9:12 AM in 2014
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Author Notes:

1st Apr 2014, 9:12 AM
I love designing creature or monster characters! So I ended up mixing two of my favorite things together; a praying mantis and a dragon.

I'm so short on time because of my new job and going to college for engineering! I'll try my best to complete a sketch everyday, but as far as coloring...maybe on weekends. So sorry ;;


1st Apr 2014, 9:32 AM
Xian Yu
Wouldn't want to meet one at night, interesting design.
1st Apr 2014, 9:37 AM
Very cool. I like the way it opens its mouth! I could easily see this as being an enemy in a video game. :)
1st Apr 2014, 12:02 PM
i love how the arms double as additional mouths, and yes- fully agree that would make a fantastic monster enemy in a video game or film
1st Apr 2014, 12:20 PM
I really like the arm/mouths.
Neat monster design.