Comic 246 - My Mind and I

17th Apr 2013, 2:06 AM in 2013
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My Mind and I
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Author Notes:

17th Apr 2013, 2:06 AM
Eeeh, I drew this for Glass Garden but I didn't like it so I decided not to use it.

It's the main character of GG and the personification of her mind. (It's supposed to be a psychological drama story thing...)
Also, I love the laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace.
I just want to draw lace all day. Yes.
I would be content to do that, just draw lace on everything. Lace on gloves, on socks, on shoes, on a toaster...

Since it's about characters, not pages uploaded, this will count for my last missed day and today's character. Yes, now I am back on track. :3


17th Apr 2013, 2:16 AM
Xian Yu
Interestingly, my mind is something like this. It's darker and more cheerfully insane.
17th Apr 2013, 2:23 AM
Rinkel we have the same mind? Because the Mind here is completely bat-shit nuts (also violent). Also, she's creepy (but has wicked lace on her dress-fog-smoke-thing)
17th Apr 2013, 2:31 AM
Xian Yu
Mine's slightly nuts, and if I don't keep a close eye on it, it goes suggesting stupid and occasionally violent things to do.
17th Apr 2013, 3:22 AM
Woahh this is really great! I like the character designs, the mind's crazy pose with her feet in such a strange position, and the overall quality!
17th Apr 2013, 9:55 AM
It's funny, on my laptop at home her legs look like the screen broke and is discolored :P

Glad you like it! :D
17th Apr 2013, 9:57 AM
Jade Joules

Iz beautiful...
17th Apr 2013, 9:59 AM
I didn't like it. I drew something better.

But thank you...
18th Apr 2013, 12:44 AM
Her pose is fascinating. I think it really goes with the whole mind thing because she looks like an acrobat in the air.