Comic 244 - Day 15: Twins

16th Apr 2013, 8:37 PM in 2013
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Day 15: Twins
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Author Notes:

16th Apr 2013, 8:37 PM
Day 15- almost all caught up!

Yeah so here's a set of identical twins. With different hairstyles.
The one on (our) left is the more brash and bold of the two. And the stronger one. (maybe with a superpower?) He's also very overprotective of his brother.
As for the one on the right, while I wouldn't say he's the more "level-headed" of the two, but he certainly is calmer and more logical. And wimpier, too. He does tend to get frustrated with his brother's impulsiveness.

They go on adventures! One possible idea is trying to find their father. Another is that there is a prophecy calling for someone with their last name... except they have a really common last name.