Comic 190 - Day 11: Tip and Tap

11th Apr 2013, 7:18 PM in 2013
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Day 11: Tip and Tap
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Author Notes:

11th Apr 2013, 7:18 PM
The only couple in my story so far are an inseparable duo so they get a day for the two of them.

Tap is a general mechanic responsible for the upkeep of the shuttle craft. Tip operates the robot TikTok who will appear on the Day 12 page and is currently doing so (the system is a bit hodge podged together.)

Tap make TikTok for Tip after she lost the use of her legs in an accident before they joined the ship. Even though she was no longer mobile, the robot gave her a chance to go out into the rocky terrain of the planet...even if it was only artificially.

When they joined the ship TikTok came with them.


11th Apr 2013, 7:44 PM
Aww, how sweet. I love old romantic couples. They're have way more of an impact on me than young couples in stories.
11th Apr 2013, 7:47 PM
I know, I love people that have been together for ever and are old and boring at times, and bicker, but you can tell that they can't imagine life without the other by their side.